Attracting and Maintaining Top Talent

Next year, two out of five EMTs and paramedics who currently work for your competitors will look for another job; yet, finding skilled EMS clinicians is becoming remarkably difficult. This is because EMS organizations of all sizes are competing for a limited talent pool.

It doesn’t help that paramedics are becoming more specialized and are practicing their profession in a variety of settings. Whether it’s a private ambulance company, fire department, community medicine facility or hospital, recruitment competition is fierce.

Avesta is tuned into the EMS industry and can help you aggressively attract the most qualified EMS clinicians.


Understanding the motivations of the folks that you are recruiting.

When it comes to recruiting millennial EMS clinicians, it’s important to realize many experienced EMTs and paramedics are not actively looking for a job. However, they are eager and willing to change employers for the right opportunity.

Our experience at Avesta demonstrates that compensation, although important, is not the only key to attracting qualified millennials. This finding was further reinforced by a Gallup Poll conducted in 2017, which identified “opportunity to learn and grow” and “quality of management” as essential elements to an organization’s branding message when it comes to appealing to today’s young professionals.

In other words, pay is important but cannot normally be used as a differentiator in EMS recruitment campaigns. There needs to be a focus on equipment, clinical protocols, experience supervision teams, and a caring organization.

Are you an organization that is willing to try new strategies to attract talent?

Do you have the best leadership? Do your paramedics get the opportunity to participate in the development of your clinical program? Do you have a plan for work-life balance? Can you articulate a plan for helping EMS clinicians advance in your organization?

Understanding what EMS Clinicians want is half of the challenge. The other half is creating a high performing EMS recruitment strategy. Trends from our referral database suggest there are primarily two ways to find top EMS talent:

  1. Employee referrals – If a paramedic or EMT is happy with the organization they work for, they will bring friends with them. Recognition and retention within your organization should be a highlight that makes you stand out.
  2. Employ an aggressive, high-touch recruitment campaign – Recruitment of qualified talent is similar in context to your organizational sales and marketing strategy. The recruitment strategy must include several different approaches that are all tied together with a common theme.

Over the past eleven years, Avesta has worked with hundreds of EMS providers to create recruitment best practices, for example:

CandidateCare (Recruitment & Applicant Tracking Software):  Avesta’s CandidateCare software is the leading recruitment, selection, and hiring solution in the EMS industry. The program has processed and vetted over 1.5 million applications for EMS jobs.

CandidateCare recruitment properties:

  • Get access to thousands of job boards.
  • Increase engagement with branded career portals job seekers can explore on any device
  • Provide recruitment metrics and reporting
  • Manage recruitment process and documents

Social Media Automation: Start the conversation with passive candidates early. You can instantly link any open position to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. We simplify social recruitment with pre-built integrations with your corporate social profiles. In addition, you can track social media engagement.

Referral Data Tracking:  Tracking which job boards, social media sites, and campaigns attract your best candidates can help make better use of your recruitment budget. Avesta can build tracking pixels into your online recruitment campaigns to fully automate referral data tracking.

Employer Brand Development:  Nurture candidate relationships to reduce time to fill. Millennial EMS candidates normally conduct research on potential employers prior to applying for jobs. Your organization has a story to tell, and your employer brand has a significant impact on how passive candidates see your organization.  Avesta can assist you with a brand development campaign to enhance recruitment.

Job Board Online Optimization: Avesta can help you optimize the online range of your open positions. We integrate with key job boards such as Indeed and Zip Recruiter. Additionally, our software is built for mobile devices, ensuring that your job postings and applications format and scale to fit phones and tablets when opened through any job board. Finally, our staff can add comprehensive branding campaigns for your organization to most job boards.

You can also outsource all parts of your EMS recruitment through Avesta.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):  We understand the discipline required for successful candidate sourcing in the competitive EMS market.  Avesta’s team of experienced EMS Recruiters and HR Support Specialists can provide additional, aggressive support to enhance your current recruitment resources.  Our team can identify and contact potential candidates, conduct application reviews, and administer online video-based interviews that include screen-sharing and recording. Furthermore, they can administer conditional offer letters or assist with the post-offer process.  Our method is customizable and scalable to meet your specific recruiting needs.