Screening Services

Identification • Drug • Criminal • Reference • Driving • Credit

Avesta provides industry-leading turnaround times, exceptional customer service, and accurate search results.

Accredited by the Professional Background Screeners Association(PBSA), we focus on accuracy and compliance to ensure our clients comply not only with federal law but also with differing state and local legislation.

Automated Screening & Testing Services

Identification Confirmation Screening

Confirm the eligibility and the stated identity of candidates.

County & State Criminal Records

Criminal records directly from municipalities, counties and states.

Driving Records

Driving record for any employee who drives on company time or drives a company vehicle.

National Criminal Records

Criminal history, sex offender registries, terrorism watch lists, and more.

Drug Screening

Automated scheduling and direct access to over 9,000 facilities nationwide.

Civil Records

Past or current lawsuits or torts, both county and federal levels.

Employment and Education Verifications

Confirm employment history, military service and educational background

Credit Bureau Report

A review of a candidate’s credit history and financial responsibility.

Professional Credential and Reference Verification

Confirm professional licenses or certifications and references.

Social Media Screening

Non-discriminatory, FCRA and Title VII compliant reviews of a candidate's social media conduct.


Obtain verification of employment authorization for all newly hired employees.

Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions (OIG)

Federal OIG Exclusion list, SAM, GSA, State-level Medicaid Exclusion lists and a multitude of other databases.

Exit Interviews

Fair, objective and non-partisan third-party Exit Interviews.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of criminal records, OIG exclusion and driving status of your incumbent workforce.

Federal Criminal Search

Review of U.S. District Courts records examines crimes against the U.S. Government.

International Background Screening

Criminal Background Screening for countries outside the United States.

Verify an applicant's history thoroughly
through research of primary and
secondary information sources.

Avesta will help you conduct a comprehensive, full-spectrum analysis of your candidate through our all-inclusive, compliant background screening products.  Avesta will provide you with a custom applicant interface or integrate with your current applicant tracking system.