Behavior-based EMS Workforce Development

The main ingredient for any successful organization is people. This is especially true for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and medical transportation organizations. Identifying high-performance individuals is the first step toward hiring and retaining the very best employees. Avesta’s has validated the only complete inventory of EMS and medical transportation behavior-based assessments.

Avesta will provide your organization with the tools to select the right person for specific EMS and medical transportation jobs. We will help you improve the quality and efficiency of your recruiting, qualifying, interviewing and selection processes. Our tools and training help your team focus on making better hiring and promotion decisions based on objective information.

How Avesta can help
Unlike generic “off-the-shelf” hiring assessments, Avesta has validated the compatible job-specific behaviors of EMT’s, paramedics, dispatchers, wheelchair van drivers, billing office personnel, supervisors and other ambulance industry jobs. Comparing key validated behaviors to those possessed by job candidates helps predict long-term job performance and success.

Our tests are built into our Recruitment Technology
Only Avesta offers a full inventory of ambulance industry assessments through an online Recruitment Technology program. We integrate with our Assessment solutions into a customized Applicant Tracking System. We also can integrate our Assessment solutions with other major Recruitment Technology providers.