Consulting & Support

We are Obsessed with Our Client Success and Support

At Avesta, we deliver exceptional customer experiences. CandidateCare is more than just software, we work with you to meet your critical recruitment / hiring goals and other key performance indicators.

Program Design

Customized to fit your specific organizational needs.

We start by fully understanding your goals and how our solutions can adapt and help.

We focus on creating practical, time-saving solutions in-tune with your vision for recruitment and hiring

Ongoing Support

It’s easy to continuously update your program design with changes process or forms.

We respond to your needs immediately in real-time to assist you with analytics and reports.

Our team is always available to support the ongoing changes and updates that occur in a dynamic recruitment and hiring process.
mobile apps, email and your company website.


Hiring and reporting requirements continually transform, don’t be left wondering if your organization is in compliance with state and federal hiring guidelines.

We assist you with emerging trends that occur both locally and nationally.

We assist our clients by providing insight into best practices, the evolution of regulatory expectations and Human Resource technological enhancements.

Substantially improve your recruitment and hiring functionality. Let’s start by walking you through the process.

We will follow-up with you within one business day to schedule a product demonstration and a discussion about your specific business needs.