Features & Technology

Easy collaboration for everyone involved with the recruitment and hiring process.

CandidateCare is packed with advanced features, such as integration with social media and job boards easy, auto-filled employment application and other online-forms that integrate directly with your workflow, to powerful messaging tools allowing you to communicate by email or text within the system. Our cloud-based software enables users to effectively manage recuitment and onboarding.

Recruiting Features

Automated Job Postings

By simply opening the position in CandidateCare, your job is posted on hundreds of boards and targeted social media sites.

Application System

Includes a built-in resume parser allows candidates to upload resumes, from any device, then applies relevant information to the online employment application.

Customized Career Portal

Customized Career PortalNo need for IT resources, our developers create your customized, fully-branded Career Pages to that look exactly like the rest of your organizational website, same colors, same fonts, same everything.


Provides the framework to construct a legal and trackable workflow to ensure that your entire organization consistently operates within the scope of fair treatment for perspective candidates and employees.

Tracking & Management Features


Provides a full-overview and the ability to manage open jobs, process offer approvals, and advance candidates from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Internal Collaboration & Communication

Your HR team can collaborate, document candidate feedback and communicate with recruiters, real-time in the system.

Candidate Communication

Has powerful email and texting tools to ensure continuous communication with candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Customized Workflow

Applicant workflows can be completely customized to match your existing proceses, or to follow best practices without the limitations of most Applicant Tracking Systems.

Evaluation & Screening Features

Background Screening

All of your pre-employment screening can be managed through CandidateCare, with results automatically post in the candidates file.

Drug Testing

Linked to 9,000 drug testing collection facilities nationwide, the system can arrange testing for each applicable candidate while providing them with a comprehensive list of nearby collection facilities. Results are confidentially uploaded to the candidate's file.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-Employment Physicals can be arranged and managed as part of the post-offer process.

Automated Pre-Screening

Allows you to fully automate the applicant screening process with pre-screening and EEO questionnaires.

Hiring & On-Boarding Features

Digital Forms, Docs & Signatures

All of your unique pre-hire forms and documents are digitized so they can be managed and signed online.

Automated Offer Letters

Your custom predefined offer letters are auto-populated and can include compliance documents to simplify invitations. This feature includes rejection letters to unsuccessful candidates.