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Avesta has empowered hundreds of EMS organizations to attract, screen, and hire qualified employees.

CandidateCare is the EMS industry’s leading solution for recruitment, screening and onboarding employees. Including its full-featured applicant tracking system designed to be the mainstay of your EMS recruitment process, our cloud-based software helps you eliminate paperwork, stay compliant with EEO regulations and quickly identify the best potential employees. With CandidateCare, you will connect with more EMS candidates while centralizing all of your candidate workflow and documents.


As the leading provider of recruitment, screening and retention programs to the ambulance industry, we remain ambitious to find meaningful solutions to EMS recruitment and retention challenges. In 2019, we will again collaborate with the American Ambulance Association (AAA) to conduct a national study of EMS employment turnover / retention. As well, we continue our ongoing development of EMS leadership credentialing for the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA).

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The EMS hiring process can be challenging. You need to fill a role quickly, but your commitment to each patient is too important to settle for mediocre candidates. That’s where CandidateCare comes in. We build a custom employment application interface that connects you directly to qualified EMS candidates through job boards, social media mobile apps, email and your company website.

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