ProTransport-1 Case Study

Based in Cotati, California, ProTransport-1 is a leading provider of patient logistics services for hospital systems and health insurers from coast to coast. Their development of propriety industry tools has advanced the medical transportation model in a way that better aligns with hospital throughput. In addition to contributing to industry innovation, the ProTransport-1 enterprise includes four sister companies that provide medical transportation in four states.

Bigger Team, Bigger Challenges

Recently,ProTransport-1 has experienced explosive growth, adding 1,000 new medical transportation positions across their enterprise each year. As they gained momentum, it became increasingly more challenging for the HR team to manage the high volume of recruitment, hiring and post-hire processes. ProTransport-1 needed to find away to fully automate their talent acquisition processes. In addition, there was a need to make all employee documents available online in real-time, across the entire enterprise.

Implementing Custom Solutions

Each company within the ProTransport-1 enterprise maintained their own unique recruitment, hiring and post-hire
practices, making an “off-the-shelf” solution impossible. Avesta worked closely with ProTransport-1 to design and implement a custom-tailored and holistic talent acquisition model.

To lessen the strain of continued growth, Avesta configured ProTransport-1’s CandidateCare application to meet the unique pre-hire and post-hire requirements of each company within the enterprise—from custom employment applications to digitized onboarding forms and beyond.

In pursuit of an even more complete, organized and consistent hiring process,ProTransport-1 also chose to supplement their CandidateCare application with AssociateCare, Avesta’s document management platform that saves time for HR administrators by automating many routine processes.

Finally, Avesta’s in-house automated Background Review and Vetting Program was integrated with the CandidateCare application—allowing prescribed background review information to be automatically requested once the applicant completes a release.

New Processes in Action

The implementation of Avesta’s custom talent acquisition tools removed inefficiencies and waste from existing processes. Candidate delays, the wait for approvals, unnecessary steps, duplication of effort and data entry errors were quickly eliminated using the new system.

The resulting improvements in process flow have empowered ProTransport-1’s HR staff to better manage the entire recruitment,selection and post-hire processes. In turn, this led to faster processing of new employees, which has allowed ProTransport-1 to continue their rapid expansion.