Drug Screening

Avesta is linked to a providers network of 11,000 clinics for conducting drug screens, physical exams and other occupational health services.


90% of the working U.S. population is within 15 miles of access to an Avesta network provider. We provide your company with a fast, paperless drug testing process. The process is scheduled and managed online. We can provide customized testing tailored to your organization’s needs.

  • DOT, Non-DOT, Return to Duty, Random and Post Accident drug testing
  • Keep your team DOT, OSHA and MSHA compliant
  • Streamline scheduling and testing based on your organizations’ needs
  • All positive tests are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Types of Tests

Avesta offers you multiples types of drug testing to choose from. We offer you a variety of testing options and can assist you with the best testing options for your specific work force. Our drug and alcohol tests include:

  • Urine
  • Hair
  • Alcohol/EtG
  • Instant urine drug testing

Faster drug test results for faster hiring

Avesta automates pre-employment drug testing, linking you with an extensive network of convenient patient locations and laboratories and a range diagnostic products.


Drug testing packages that comply with state and local laws. Full compliance with workers’ compensation and unemployment laws which effect drug testing programs.


The candidate and authorized personnel from your company can view the lab test results online, assuring quick access to the laboratory information.


Driving record for any employee who drives on company time or drives a company vehicle.

Automated Scheduling

Avesta allows you to schedule and manage a candidate’s lab appointments online, improves turn-around times